Tourism, Hospitality & the Arts industry in Georgia

Travel & Tourism and Georgia’s Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)

Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMOs), the marketing agencies promoting destinations and attracting visitors are known as convention & visitors bureaus, tourism development and convention center authorities, chamber of commerce tourism boards, or other quasi-governmental tourism bureaus.  DMOs play a significant role in the economic contribution that the tourism industry has on Georgia’s economy. Through successful destination marketing strategies, the many destination organizations in our unique cities, counties, and regions help generate visitor spending with direct, indirect, and induced benefits which supports thousands of businesses and jobs. All sectors of the Georgia economy benefit from tourism activity.

Tourism & Georgia’s Economy

Travel and tourism generated $64.5 Billion in Total Tourism Output (Economic Impact) including direct, indirect and induced impact in 2021.

Tourism & Jobs

Travel and tourism supported an estimated 422,600 jobs directly or indirectly in 2021. 

Tourism & Taxes

In 2021, travel and tourism generated more than $4.2 Billion in state and local tax revenueIn addition, every Georgia household would need to be taxed an additional $1,100 per year to replace the tourism taxes received as a result of the industry’s tax contribution.

Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Division, Explore Georgia - Tourism Satellite Account from Tourism Economics and the U.S. Travel Association. Includes direct, indirect, and induced impact. Total impact figure includes visitor spending, capital investment, government spending, and non-visitor private consumption expenditures.

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