2017 State Legislative Agenda 

(as of November 17, 2016)


1. Oppose legislation that allows discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or practice.

2. Encourage increased investment in Georgia’s tourism marketing funding to more effectively compete with surrounding southeastern states.

3. Monitor and report the impact of the $5 State Hotel-Motel Fee on the tourism industry and the allocation of those funds for their stated purpose of transportation enhancements.

4. Encourage increased investment in significant enhancements to the appearance and signage at Georgia’s interstate gateways and the modernization of the state’s Welcome Centers.

5. Support school-start and school-end policies that maintain a viable summer tourism season.


1. Protect Georgia's hotel/motel tax dollars from policies that would erode funding for tourism/destination marketing.

2. Support laws and regulations that ensure equity in licensing and tax policy for short-term and vacation rentals.

3. Support the modernization of laws and regulations for production breweries, brew pubs, distilleries and vineyards to remain competitive with other states.

4. Support opportunities to create financial resources and mechanisms for sports event and marketing initiatives.

5. Support laws and regulations that ensure that military lodging facilities are limited to official military use only.

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